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2004 was a fairly quiet year for garden development, the biggest thing being the erection of ‘11c Koromiko Rd’, otherwise known as the second shed. Unlike the first shed, which is an elaborate construction made by Chris, shed 2 (P) is a prefab from the hardware store, and houses bikes, tools, and other sheddy things that were excluded from the main shed when Tama made the "Summer House" his ‘bach’!

Plantings have continued to mature. A wet summer last year followed by a wet winter and a wet spring inevitably impacted on the succulent collection (growing in heavy clay soil!), with a few deaths amongst aloes and yuccas, but surprisingly, the big columnar cactus are romping away, with no sign of damage! All a lot of fun seeing what will grow and what won’t.

On the edible side, our garden produces regular supplies of lettuce (which has become a weed in the cactus garden!), and we had a good crop of apples last autumn. The passion fruit cropped reasonably well, as did the feijoa, lemon, and lemonade trees, but the peaches, grapes, oranges, plums,  grapefruit, sapote, avocado, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries all produces somewhere between nothing and a few ounces of produce! Photos (P) of the garden in March 2005.

Armies of Wwoofers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) tended the garden during the year, eating about 50 times as much food as the garden produced……
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