Koromiko Newsletter for 2004 (and the first two months of 2005!)
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2004 and the first two months of 2005 have been full for Chris, Andy and Kris!  Here is Chris's (A) detailed review of the year!  Some of the things happening, in semi date order:

Andy and Kris went to the NZ Paragliding Nationals in Wanaka (P) in January 2004

February/March also saw Kris and Andy head to Bright (P) in Victoria and Manilla (P) in New South Wales to go paragliding.  More details about these and other paragliding adventures can be found on Andy's review of paragliding (A).

Kris organised the Wairarapa Paragliding League (L) in late March, but only one day was flyable....

In April Te Koha (P) was born, and Chris and Andy headed down to Christchurch via the Molesworth Road on a motorcycle trip. (P)

In June Chris and Andy headed off overseas for six months.  First stop was Hawaii (A). Then New York, England, France, Spain, Amsterdam, India (A) and Nepal (A).  More details in Chris's review of the year (A) about travels and other things!

Kris won a luxury night for two at the James Cook Hotel participating in a fancy dress mid-winter swim (P) at Petone.  He gave this to Tama and Sarah….. (The previous year Devinyl (L) won Kris and Andy a $2000 trip to Queenstown!)

Kris went off to the DOC Ball (P) in July.

In August Kris went to Nelson to attend the NZHGPA AGM - some paragliding (P) (in snow and airspace) was done!  18 August also saw the roof blown off (P) Miles's house next door, with sheets of iron raining down on our house with very loud "bangs"!

In September Tama (P) headed off overseas (L) on his big adventure.

October saw Kris head off to Canungra (P), in Queensland, for more paragliding.

Quad biking (P) is an absolute blast!  Kris did this with Mike in November.  Kris also managed to extract $10,000 out of the NZ Community Trust for the NZ Paragliding Team (L) going to Brazil in March 2005.

Chris and Andy arrived back in December - Andy immediately needed a holiday to recover and headed off to kayak the Clarence River (A)!

Kris headed off with Pam (Chris's ex-wife) on a motorcycle tour (P) of the top of the South Island over Christmas.

Chris, Andy and Kris rendezvoused at Autumn farm for the New Year.

Wanaka Paragliding Festival (P) occurred 2 - 8 January 2005.  Kris stayed on to do some cross country flying - did a 24 km flight on the Monday then a 28.6 kilometre flight from Mt Maude towards Makarora on 11 January 2005.  He sent Andy a text: "28.6km flight.  Had heavy landing"  X-rays revealed two compressed vertebrae!  Here are the details (A).

Pussa (A) shuffled off her mortal coil with the assistance of some "blue juice" in early February 2005.

Andy and Kris headed back to Bright (P) on 17 February and meet up with lots of old friends (P).  Kris acted as retrieve driver since he wasn't allowed to fly.

Kris's children Niamh and Theo (L) continue to grow rapidly.

Wwoofers (L) continue to rescue the garden (A)….

(And for those of you who want MORE here's the 2003 newsletter (A)- which got onto the web in time, but the link was sent out only to a few random people….)